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Sell My Rolex Daytona

Do you have a Rolex Daytona Cosmograph watch you want to sell? Do you have a vintage Rolex Daytona Chronograph watch which is not working? Are you planning to exchange your Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel for a Rolex Daytona Rose Gold watch?

Sell Rolex Daytona in London

Has the question “How do I sell my Rolex Daytona?” been playing on your mind lately? You’ve got a used Rolex Daytona watch, and you could make decent money from selling the watch. But then you’re confronted with a whole host of other questions, such as “How much is my Rolex Daytona worth?” and “Where is the best place to sell my Rolex Daytona Watch?” and it just seems easier to put it back in the drawer and deal with it another day.

Why Choosing Knightsbridge Watches?

Knightsbridge Watches & Jewellers is one of the top Rolex dealers in London for buying and selling second-hand pre-owned Rolex watches. We offer instant and professional services including Rolex watch valuation.

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We buy Rolex Daytona watch models

We buy all Rolex Daytona models in London. However, some of the Rolex Daytona watch models are more desirable than the others. Here is a list of most sought-after Rolex Daytona watches among the Rolex collectors.

Rolex Daytona 116520Introduced in 2000, a stainless steel Rolex Daytona powered by the new in-house movement Calibre 4130 movement.
Rolex Daytona 16519Introduced in 1997, a Rolex Daytona in White Gold.
Rolex Daytona 16518Introduced in 1992, a Rolex Daytona in Yellow Gold on a leather strap and deployment clasp.
Rolex Daytona 16523Introduced in 1988, a steel and gold Rolex Daytona.
Rolex Daytona 16528Introduced in 1988, a yellow gold Rolex Daytona.
Rolex Daytona 6263 & 6265Introduced in 1971, model 6263 was an improved version of Model 6262, while model 6265 improved upon model 6264.
Rolex Daytona 6240Introduced in 1964, the new Daytona model featured a screw-down waterproof pusher and “Oyster” engraved on its dial.
Rolex Daytona 6262 & 6264Introduced in 1965, model 6262 replaced the model 6239, while the model 6464 replaced the model 6241.

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