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Sell Your Rolex Air-King Watch

Are you planning to sell your Rolex Air-King watch in London? Please complete the form for a free and instant quote or call us for an immediate response. We buy all Rolex Air-King watch models for a top cash payment or part exchange.

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Selling your Rolex Air-King watch

If you are looking for “How to sell my Rolex Air-King in London” for an instant cash payment, get in touch with one of the trusted watch dealers in London, Knightsbridge Watches. We pride ourselves on providing a fast and easy service to ‘sell Rolex Air-King watch’ with confidence.

We buy all Rolex Air-King watch models; it does not matter the watch materials (stainless steel, 18c gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum), bezel size, face or dial colours, or whether it is a men’s or women’s watch.

Knightsbridge Watches is the right place whether you are thinking, “where can I sell my Rolex Air-King watch for cash?” or “What is the best place to sell my used Rolex Air-King watch in London?”.

How to sell a Rolex Air-King watch in London?

Rolex Air-King is a brand of affordable and straightforward watches produced by Rolex since 1945. Rolex had several “Air” models during and after World War Two, including the “Air-Giant”, “Air-Lion”, and “Air-Tiger”, but it was the 1945 introduction of the Air-King that would leave a lasting mark. These were named to honour the British Royal Air Force, which was enamoured with Rolex watches. The 34 mm case was considered quite large at the time, thus the “Air-King” name.

Here is a guide on what is the best way to sell to get the highest cash for your Rolex Air-King watch:

  • You should find all the documents (Rolex warranty card, receipt, manual, servicing document if you have) in one place
  • While having the Rolex watch box is not necessary, it would increase the watch value significantly
  • It is crucial to get the correct valuation of your Rolex Air-King watches in the watch valuation changes daily. Please fill out the contact form above or give us a call for an instant free watch valuation.
  • We will offer you the highest price of your Rolex Air-King watch as we have been evaluating luxury watches for many years
  • You can accept the instant cash payment for your Rolex Air-King watch or participate in a part exchange deal with another watch you might like from our collection.

How much can I get to sell my Rolex Air-King?

You may want to sell your Rolex Air-King watch to raise quickly, but you should not accept any offer without getting the top price for your watch. Unlike many rogue watch buyers in London, we don’t have a fixed chart for any luxury watches. We evaluate the watch markets daily and adjust our Rolex Air-King valuation to stay competitive.

The price of a pre-owned Rolex Air-King watch has changed dramatically, particularly in this economic condition. But be assured that our in-house watch specialists will offer you the most competitive and fairest price in the market.

Complete our online form to know the actual value of your Rolex Air-King, or call one of our experts for instant appraisal over the phone.

Why sell your Rolex Air-King watch to Knightsbridge Watches?

If you are searching “best place to sell Rolex Air-King watch” or “where can I sell my Rolex Air-King near me”, you will find many online and high street watch dealers. However, Knightsbridge Watches is the best place to sell your used Rolex Air-King watch in London.

  • We have more than 30 years of experience in luxury watches and jewellery. All our specialists and experts are highly trained and knowledgable.
  • We offer fast, bespoke and confidential services to all our customers from our Knightsbridge shop at one of the most prestigious locations in London.
  • We offer competitive prices for any pre-owned watches and jewellery. We can pay in cash or other preferred payment methods instantly for your convenience.