Sell My Cartier

Sell Cartier LondonHas the question “How do I sell my Cartier?” been playing on your mind lately? You’ve got a used Cartier that you know you could make decent money from – but then you’re confronted with a whole host of other questions, such as “How much is my Cartier worth?” and “Where is the best place to sell my Cartier?” and it just seems easier to put it back in the drawer and deal with it another day.

Sell Cartier Watch London

Fortunately, here at Knightsbridge Watches London, we specialise in buying and selling luxury watches, and can help you get the best price for your Cartier. We have 20 years of experience, offer fair prices, and will buy any model of Cartier watch, including:

  • Cartier Ballon Bleu
  • Cartier Tank Americaine
  • Cartier Tank Francaise
  • Cartier Calibre
  • Cartier Santos 100
  • Cartier Santos Dumont
  • Cartier Tortue
  • Cartier Pasha

Figuring out the best way to sell a Cartier is no mean feat. What’s a fair price for a used or second-hand Cartier? How much should you get for your specific Cartier? Should you sell a Cartier online or to local shop?While there are many places you can sell a Cartier, most won’t give you the best price possible. We work solely with luxury watches and we know the trade inside out, so we can give you the best price for your Cartier, because we know just how much your it’s worth.

We can offer better prices than if you sell your Cartier on eBay or to another online buyer, and better prices than if you sell your Cartier to a local jeweller or to a pawn shop. We particularly advise against pawning Cartier watches. Here’s why:

Pawn Cartier Watch

Quite simply, you won’t get a good price for your Cartier if you pawn it. Pawnbrokers deal almost exclusively with sellers who are looking to get some cash quickly, and they use this knowledge to their advantage.

So if you try to sell or trade your Cartier in a pawn shop, you will almost certainly be offered a lower-than-market-value price, because pawnbrokers know just how much to offer to cinch the sale. They’re also experts in haggling and may be able to talk you down from the initial price you wanted – especially if you’re not sure exactly how much your Cartier is worth.

It’s not just pawn shops that offer low prices on Cartier watches though. If you try to sell a Cartier on eBay or elsewhere online, you will be paid the amount the buyer is willing to pay… not its market value.

If you decide to sell a Cartier to a local jeweller, you could also end up being offered an unfair price. This is because most jewellers deal with a wide range of jewellery and watches, and so aren’t specifically experts in buying and selling Cartier watches.

Sell Your Watch At Knightsbridge Watches

Here are Knightsbridge Watches, London, we deal exclusively with Cartier and other luxury watches, so we know how much your Cartier is worth. This means we know how much we will be able to sell it on for and what is a fair price to pay you for your Cartier.

We will give you a better price than if you sold your watch to a local jeweller or pawn shop, on eBay or to other online seller – so get in touch today to find out how much your Cartier is actually worth, and how much we can pay you for it.

If you want to get the best price for your Cartier, call us on 08000 337 333 or 07733 333 212 to discuss your exact requirements. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form or visit us in store today.