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Rolex Repair and Servicing in London

At Knightsbridge Watches, our experienced and accredited experts provide excellent Rolex repair and servicing from our Central London workshop.

Our fully equipped Rolex servicing centre offers a fast, reliable and affordable repair and restoration service. You will receive a free Rolex repair cost estimation and time required before you agree to our service. We always use original Rolex parts for your watch during the repair process to ensure the value and integrity of the timepiece. Every Rolex watch leaves our workshop in an immaculate condition and a one year warranty for your peace of mind.

We Offer All Rolex Repair & Restoration Services

Our certified experts offer all type of Rolex watch services from our state-of-the-art service centre in London. Here is a list of few services we provide every day for the Rolex owners:

  • Rolex Full Service – we completely strip the watch movement and clean oil and dirt using sophisticated machinery – then re-assemble, lubricate, regulate, re-case and test the water pressure.
  • Rolex Partial Service – The watch case is given a light clean. The battery is replaced and water pressure tested (where necessary).
  • Rolex Dial Restoration – We offer an excellent dial restoration service. The dial will be removed and restored as close to the original as possible. Should you desire a different dial colour this can be achieved as well. Dial restoration usually takes about 2-3 weeks.
  • Rolex Bracelet Repair – Depending on the bracelet whether it be gold, steel or a combination, can usually be restored or repaired.
  • Rolex New Movement – Sometimes a movement is beyond repair and may require a replacement unit.
  • Case Polishing & Valeting / Refurbishment – We provide an excellent refurbishment service. We have very sophisticated polishing and lapping equipment. Engraving and deep nicks can be filled prior to polishing using our laser machine. Watches are brought back as close to factory finish as possible.
  • Rolex Battery Replacement – Swiss replacement batteries are always used. Waterproof watches will be pressure tested after battery has been replaced. Should new seals be required they will be fitted. Batteries can often be replaced while you wait.
  • Rolex New Glass Replacement – The majority of watch brands and models can have their glasses replaced. Please ask if we can replace yours.

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We Service All Rolex Watch Models

Rolex Air-King
Rolex Datejust
Rolex Datejust II
Rolex Day-Date
Rolex Day-Date II
Rolex Daytona
Rolex Explorer
Rolex Explorer II
Rolex GMT Master
Rolex GMT Master II
Rolex Milgauss
Rolex Sea-Dweller
Rolex Sky-Dweller
Rolex Submariner
Rolex Yacht-Master
Rolex Yacht-Master II

FAQs on Rolex Servicing