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How much is my Rolex watch worth?

Whether you own a Rolex or plan to purchase one, the question that will spring up often is “what is my Rolex worth?”. The answer to this is not as straightforward, and one needs to factor in a range of criterion each of which can significantly affect the price of the watch. Contrary to the standard price tag of a brand new piece, the price of a pre-owned Rolex is slightly complicated to arrive at due to reasons such as the material, the rarity of the model, its age and condition, etc.

Rolex Valuations at Knightsbridge Watches

At Knightsbridge Watches, we provide accurate and realistic valuation service for your Rolex watches. After the assessment, if you decide to sell your Rolex watch, we can offer you hassle-free and instant cash deals right away.

We also offer a Rolex valuation for insurance purposes.

The factors that matter in a Rolex valuation process:

  • Model and Serial number: now this is the most important criterion. Some of the models are much more collectable than others. The model and Rolex serial number can be found near the six o’clock mark of most Rolex watches.
  • Material: Platinum models cost the most followed by gold and then steel. The material of the bezel and bracelet is also a factor.
  • Age and condition: It goes without saying that a well preserved, original factory condition watch is likely to sell at a higher price, and of course the newer the watch is, the better. However, if your watch is categorised as vintage and has a bit of history attached to it, then the price can swell up considerably.
  • Box and papers: If you have the documents and original box of the watch, that is a big positive.
  • Rarity, the story of the watch, special editions: A watch that has a character or story with it is that much more attractive, and collectors may be willing to pay more for it.
  • Vintage Rolex: Most Rolex watches made pre-1980s are very sought after. Even if these vintage Rolex watches are not in a working order, they can still be very valuation. If you are unsure about the value of your vintage Rolex watch, feel free to contact us directly.

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Rolex is typically considered a fool-proof investment with the promise of a substantial return. It is one of the most recognisable brands across the globe and arguably the most significant watch brand in the world. All this awareness goes on to bolster a demand which certainly adds to the value of your watch. But only the brand name may not be enough to fetch you that tidy sum you are after.

In the meantime, do remember to take a moment or several if you would – to admire and celebrate the aesthetics, the craftsmanship and history packed in each millimetre of the masterpiece that every single Rolex watch is. It is indeed more than the price you pay for it and what it might fetch.