How long will a Rolex watch last?

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Most Rolex watches would last a lifetime and can even be passed down generations if they have been cared for properly. A Rolex can function for 15 years or more if they have not been serviced and is in good condition.

Rolex recommends ten years between services; however, you could service them every five years.

It is crucial to service your watch when you think it needs to. It would allow the watch itself to last a lifetime.

A Rolex watch can be repaired despite its fault unless the components have become rusted. If the parts have become rusted, then it would be better to replace the element itself, which would be cheaper.

It is essential to keep in mind that the more stress applied onto the watch, the faster the movements will work. It includes activities like cycling, running, swimming, over-winding, which will make the mechanism work faster. As a result, the oil/grease will dry out, and the friction between the components will cause damage to the parts. Servicing is essential as it allows a watchmaker to clean, oil and polish the watch so it can function correctly.

We have a number of Rolex-certified mechanics working at Central London workshop with all the modern equipment and technologies to provide you with a top-class Rolex repair and servicing. If your watch is not damaged or functioning properly, contact us today for a free consultation.

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