5 Things You Must Remember While Selling Your Rolex

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Do you know “How to sell my watch” is one of the top most searched keywords in Google, Bing and other Search Engines? So, it worth discussing what essential things you are to keep in mind while selling your Rolex watch.

Recheck its present condition:

Rolex watches often have a history of inheritance. They might be passed by will and considered as vintage. So you need to do a thorough check-up of your watch before presenting it for sell. Examine if it is functions, winds, and works correctly. You can also do cleaning, oiling, polishing and repairing of the watch by a professional. It will increase the value than before.

Collect more information:

Try to know as much as you can about your Rolex watch. Do a little research about the material and the history of the particular model. Judge the demand and value of it. Talk to a watch specialist and if possible exchange your opinion with other users of the same model. Otherwise, you will remain blank before highly professional buyers who will tell you different stories according to their wish.

Set your price:

After gathering all the information, you will have a brief idea about the price limit of your watch. Now you can talk to some of the dealers and prospective buyers and observe the offers and set your price range.

Take care of legal matters:

You have to present all the necessary papers, documents and case history to the buyer. Be prepared for these issues.

Try to impress your buyer:

Last but not the least, take most attractive photographs of your watch and post them (in case of online selling)

Now you are ready to sell your watch. Just be wise and choose your best option.

How To Avoid Hassles Selling Your Rolex Watch?

Knightsbridge Watches can save you from all the hassles. Our Rolex experts can examine your valuable watch and offer the top price for either sell your timepiece or part-exchange from one of our Rolex collections.

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